Helping Your Hair Look It’s Best

Growing up one of the things I struggled with was how to do my hair. If you know my story, then you know I’m adopted and I recently found out through DNA testing that I am 31% Native American, 24% England/Wales/Northern Europe, 12% Cameroon, Congo & Sothern Bantu Peoples, 9% Ireland/Scotland, 8% France, 6% Benin/Togo, 3% Spain and so on.

I tell you all this to help you understand why my hair was so hard to manage. When I went through puberty it was like my hair freaked out and didn’t know which ethnicity it should reflect. This, unfortunately, resulted in a SUPER thick, bushy, mostly curly with random straight places blob on top of my head – when before that point it had been fairly thin and straight. To make matters worse, I ended up getting a terrible haircut that the boys in 5th and 6th grade LOVED to make fun of. It was basically a big bushy triangle that I tried to poorly straighten. [The guys would tell the teacher they lost their pencil, then walk behind me and say, oh wait! I found it in Helen’s hair! – No lie, that happened.)

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My Miss USA “Best Body” Award Winning Diet Plan!

In 2014, I received the amazing opportunity to represent Arkansas while competing on the Miss USA stage! It was an incredible experience that truly empowered me in so many ways. I didn’t walk away with the crown, [which was ultimately for the best – plus the very sweet Miss Nevada (Nia Sachez) was a perfect pick], but I did walk away with the Audience Voted “Best Body Award”.

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bTribalfit 30-Minute Workout

Hi Soul Sisters!

I’m so excited to announce that #MyBestNewSelf Ministries will be partnering with the amazing Brooke Robinson, the founder of bTribalfit workout program, for our monthly giveaway boxes!! If you are confused as to what exactly #MyBestNewSelf Ministries is, feel free to check out my blog on the ministry I’ve been inspired to create! You can read all about my new ministry, here.

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Everything You Need for Spring! -Fabfitfun 2018 Spring Box

Hi friends! So, I recently got the awesome opportunity to review the 2018 Spring Box, and this blog is really just breaking down the different items! I typically don’t review items, but I honestly wanted to with this one because I think this particular box stands for something great (which you’ll see if you watch my vlog – see below). I’ve also included pictures of the items and who makes them in case you wanted to go check out the brand!

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