DaySpring’s New Illustrating Bible: Item Review and Quiet Time Tips

Hi Friends!

Below you’ll find a short video review of the new Illustrating Bible, DaySpring just released! It also includes several tips on how I’ve started utilizing my new Bible during quiet times.

If you’re like me, then you’d probably agree that [sometimes] the hardest part about reading and studying the Bible, as well as spending time meditating on scripture we’ve read, is that we’re human…which means that our nature tends to want to do the following:

  1. Get through our daily reading quickly, without fully absorbing what we’ve read.
  2. Speak more than be still and listen during our prayer time.
  3. Read through each chapter without understanding the context, time period, etc.

I know in my heart of hearts that I truly want to read and learn, but so often, I’m reading through my daily readings quickly and not truly reflecting on what I’ve just read. Then, as I spend time with God in prayer, I catch myself listing all the things I need help with without pausing to listen. It’s so easy to do, especially when we have what feels like a million things on our plate.

This past week I used my new Illustrating Bible for the first time, and I genuinely enjoyed in for so many reasons. But the main reason is that it’s helped me take time to pause and reflect not only on the chapter and the pages that I’ve read but also on just being still and listening for a while. And it’s been in that time of silence, doodling in my margins, that I’ve heard God speaking to my heart. It’s been a wonderful experience for me that I would love to share with you.

Throughout the video below, you’ll find that I talk about several aspects of the Bible that I love, but I also talk about ways to go deeper into scripture as you spend time with our Heavenly Father.

A few final remarks! Here are 10 quick facts you might want to know about the new Illustrated Bible that I don’t mention in the video:

  1. This would be a great Christmas or Birthday gift for the artistic or journaling Christian.
  2. It is Christian Standard Version.
  3. The Spiral binding is wonderful! My pages turn easily and it makes it great for drawing and journaling (even if you’re left-handed).
  4. It is a little heavy, but I believe that’s because it’s purpose is to be used in quiet times, for social media posting of your art, etc.
  5. The paper is pretty thick so the ink from your doodling won’t bleed through (which I love)!
  6. It has 3 3/4 margins for Journaling!
  7. Its size is: 9 1/4 x 9 1/4 x 2
  8. It comes with a keepsake box.
  9. It has a faux leather binding.
  10. It is now available for purchase and delivery! To order, click here.

Be sure to let me know what you think of the video! – AND – If you have any tips, tricks or ideas for using Illustrating Bibles, please let me know in the comment section below! This is my first one, so I’m loving learning how to use them!

Prayers going up for you today and always. (Video Below)

Love in Christ,

Helen Elizabeth

My Miss USA “Best Body” Award Winning Diet Plan!

In 2014, I received the amazing opportunity to represent Arkansas while competing on the Miss USA stage! It was an incredible experience that truly empowered me in so many ways. I didn’t walk away with the crown, [which was ultimately for the best – plus the very sweet Miss Nevada (Nia Sachez) was a perfect pick], but I did walk away with the Audience Voted “Best Body Award”.

I know there’s lots to be said about pageants, but I can honestly say that pageants bettered me in many ways. I gained the confidence to perform under pressure. I started following politics and learned how to articulate my beliefs. I learned about health, nutrition, and fitness. I learned discipline. I learned how to handle not being the best, and rather than letting it define me, I learned to allow it to grow me.

That being said, winning the swimsuit award meant a lot to me because it recognized the hard work and discipline it took to hold a full-time job, uphold all my duties as Miss Arkansas USA, as well as train for competition. I started really getting focused on training for Miss USA about a month and a half out. From the time I started to the time I left Miss USA, I lost 16 pounds (avg. 8 pounds in 2 months). My goal was to eat healthily, train hard, and never let “starving myself” be an option.

So today, I want to share my Miss USA Diet plan with you! I use to sell this diet plan, but now I want to give it to you freely! It’s a 14-day plan that I would do and then give myself a cheat day every 7th day. I recommend this plan for weight loss and toning for a period, not to live by for a lifetime. Feel free to leave comments with questions about the diet! I’ll be posting my current diet plan later this week!

Click the Link to Download My Miss USA Diet Plan: Helen Elizabeth Miss USA Diet Plan

Prayers going up for you today and always.

Love in Christ,

Helen Elizabeth

Introducing MyBestNewSelf Ministries: A God-Centered, Self-Improvement Movement

Over the last 6 months, I’ve been working on a new project that I’m now so proud to introduce to you! After launching my blog, I wanted to do a little more for others, than just sharing my experiences. Therefore, I’ve created #MyBestNewSelf Ministries – a platform focused on creating a community of women desiring to be their best well-rounded new self in Christ!

So today, I wanted to share with you my heart behind this ministry. My prayer is that in the future I can help you on your journey towards becoming your very best self in Christ.  Love you, friends, I’m so thankful and proud to be part of this community of believers!

The Vision of “MyBestNewSelfMinistries”

I’ve always been inspired by individuals working to be the best version of themselves. Throughout my life, I saw a common thread in the friendships I made. Every close friend was incredibly inspiring in some way or another. How they communicated. How smart they were. How hardworking they seemed to be. And the list goes on.

I couldn’t help but notice that I was drawn to these characteristics. Probably because they were areas I lacked in, and therefore admired within my friends. I wanted their advice and maybe some direction as to how to grow in those areas.

In graduate school, I went through a rough patch where I felt really down about not being as smart or organized, or on top of things, etc. as the other graduate students. I felt like I kept messing up in all areas of my life. Friends, relationships, school, you name it and I was probably slipping up. I kept falling short of my dreams and goals because I couldn’t figure out how to grow and mature in these areas of my life.

Today, I am so thankful to say that I have grown and matured. I’m definitely not perfect, but I see improvement. And most importantly, I’ve also come to realize one very important thing:

Even though I will never reach the pinnacle of my potential until I meet my Father in Heaven, I will nonetheless continuously desire [in this lifetime] to cultivate a mindset of constant personal and spiritual growth in myself and others.

Thus, my vision for #MyBestNewSelf is to help women be well-rounded, as well as become their new identity in Christ. It takes years to understand who we are, what we truly believe and why we believe it. It also takes years to feel confident in our own skin and learn to live a healthy lifestyle. Which is what I pray this community can do for each other.

MyBestNewSelf Ministries will cover all types of topics so we can grow into the women God created us to be, and be confident in who that woman is in Christ. So while we’ll cover many helpful topics, our foundation is always in the only One who matters.

On a different note!

Something else fun and exciting in the works is our new giveaway called, MyBestNewSelf Boxes! It’s a new take on giveaways!

I don’t want to sell you a box. I don’t even want to make you do anything like you would normally have to do for a giveaway. Nope! Instead, Every month I’m going to give away a box of my favorite things that help me be the best well-rounded version of myself. And I’m not going to just throw anything in there. I’m going to make sure I truly believe in the products and see how they can better your life! These boxes will include everything from books, workout programs, healthy eating tips, clothes, jewelry, skin care, prayer journals, discount coupons, etc. I’ll also include a note and prayer from me.

If you know anyone who would like to become a sponsor for the boxes, have them use the email form in the contact section of my site to get in touch with me!

All in all, I just want to give you a gift that makes you feel special and helps you grow. That’s it. There will be many more things I plan to do, but this is the first!

Follow me on Instagram to watch weekly Q & A discussions, Bible Studies, and IGTV Episodes all focus on helping you become the best version of yourself in Christ.

As the creator and visionary behind this, I just want you to know that my honest desire is to help women learn to trust God when they’re facing the storms of life, build a genuine relationship with Him daily, and find the self-confidence in the woman He created you to be.

Because being stagnant never brought happiness to anyone.

Praying for you today and always.

Love in Christ,

Helen Elizabeth

bTribalfit 30-Minute Workout

Hi Soul Sisters!

I’m so excited to announce that #MyBestNewSelf Ministries will be partnering with the amazing Brooke Robinson, the founder of bTribalfit workout program, for our monthly giveaway boxes!! If you are confused as to what exactly #MyBestNewSelf Ministries is, feel free to check out my blog on the ministry I’ve been inspired to create! You can read all about my new ministry, here.

Our new monthly giveaway boxes are going to include awesome gifts for my Instagram and Blog followers. It’s not a subscription, it’s a special gift from me for one sweet follower a month. That’s right! You don’t have to do anything to receive the boxes. I plan to choose names at random. The first box will be announced August 18, 2018!

As I create these boxes, I’ll be in search of organizations, companies, and products that I truly believe are bettering the people they serve. In other words, I won’t just fill these boxes up with anything…I want the items included to help you become the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Therefore, all the things included in the boxes will be things I’ve tried personally, and that I believe have bettered my life either physically, mentally and spiritually. Which, funny enough, are the three most important components of the first sponsor I’d like to introduce you to –>> bTribalfit!!!

Below you will find two videos! The first video is a #MyBestNewSelf Sponsor Spotlight video, in which I interview my good friend and creator of bTribalfit, Brooke Robinson! We’ll discuss her heart for Jesus, her motivation for starting the program, and what makes her workout plan unique. The second video is a free 30-minute Full Body Tone workout lead by Brooke, with special guest…me!!

One thing I want to mention before we start sweating like crazy…I want you to take a moment and free yourself from any negative self-talk. Free yourself of any put-downs about your body or your ability to work out…take them and give them back to the enemy. He wants you to feel insecure, but we’re not going to let him do that anymore! And to help you do that…I’ve decided to not cut my weaknesses out of this video. As you watch, you’ll see me stop sometimes. You’ll see me take the options. I’m not doing that to just show you a low-impact option, I’m doing that because I’m just now getting back into working out. I’m on this journey with you and I’m far from perfect. It’s ok to take a break or take a different option. We are not less than because we do, we’re listening to our bodies! So I’ll say it for both of us: We can do this!

Also! Be looking for a discount code in the future! I’ll probably be posting it to my Instagram, so if you have IG, hop over there and give me a follow. If you’re one of the lucky women that wins a box in the future, an even better gift from bTribalfit will be included!

To learn more about bTribalfit and their awesome perspective on fitness and accountability, visit their website,!

Praying for you today and always! Be sure to watch the video and try the workout below!

Love in Christ,

Helen Elizabeth

Interview with Brooke

30-Minute Full Body Tone // bTribalfit Workout

Natural Makeup for Every Day: A Tutorial


I’ve had several requests for makeup tutorials! So while getting ready today, I recorded one on how I do natural “everyday” makeup! Hope it helps!

In posting this, however, I also want to say that I believe you are already beautiful with or without makeup! It hasn’t always been my outlook, but now, I desire to embrace beautiful imperfections (like the freckle in my eye) and use makeup to highlight my God-given qualities, rather than alter my appearance entirely. That being said, I also think makeup is awesome and so fun to play with! So if you’re like me and love messing around with makeup, I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all! I just want us to never get so caught up in it that we lose self-confidence when we have to go without it! Because if I’ve said it once, then I haven’t said it enough…YOU are beautiful! I’m so glad God created you just the way you are!

Enjoy the fun make up tutorial! Love you guys!

Love in Christ,

Helen Elizabeth

A Guide to Prayer Journaling: Discovering a Relational​ Approach


Today, I am so excited to share my heart with you on the topic of prayer! I’m a storyteller, so I’ll start with a brief story of how God called me to start journaling my prayers, and then I’ll give you some useful lessons, and a FREE “Prayer Journaling Guide” PDF. Praying my words can help you along your prayer journey!

The Prayer that Changed My Life

In my experience, if you pray for a sign and God gives one, then it’s probably in your best interest to listen and act accordingly!

If you’ve read my previous blog posts, then you already know I had a little bit of a rocky past. Nothing too bad by the world’s standards, just your typical college girl making the best of her sorority days.

Little did I know, however, God was about to change all that.


I’d been dating a guy for a while – [if you’re keeping up with my life timeline through my blog posts, then this is the guy right after Andrew broke up with me and told me I was selfish, lol.] – and around October I started seriously asking myself if this guy was really the guy for me.

Here’s a little piece of advice…if you’ve been questioning whether someone is the right person for you for a while, chances are, they are probably are not. (That one’s free, next time I’ll have to charge ya!)

There had been several signs that he most likely wasn’t my person, but like any smart college girl, I decided to ignore said signs.

Several Sunday’s in a row, I would get myself ready and then drag my boyfriend to church with me. I, of course, thought he would thank me afterward for helping him do something he didn’t realize he needed so desperately. I just knew that in no time at all we’d be that super cute camp counselor type couple that everyone would adore! Unfortunately, quite the opposite happened.

One Sunday, my boyfriend finally admitted, “Helen, I know that I should want to go to church, but I just don’t want to right now.” Kudos for your honesty boyfriend, but boo on you for crushing my church popularity dreams. Needless to say, that was our last Sunday together.

A few months later, I walked out of church on Halloween day and decided to go back to my apartment rather than hang out with my boyfriend over at his place as per usual. Throughout the church service, I kept having this weird feeling that I needed to talk to God about things. It had been years since I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart that profoundly, so I knew I needed to listen…even if I didn’t fully know how.

Once I was home, I sat on my couch in silence for a while, trying to decern what exactly I was supposed to do. I finally landed on the decision to pray. The only problem was, I wasn’t sure what the right way of doing that was. I hadn’t been spending time with God lately, so I didn’t know the proper way to converse with Him. You know those dinners where with an old friend where you start talking and it’s like you picked up right where you left off?! Ya, this was the opposite.

I tried to get the conversation going by awkwardly talking out loud and sheepishly looking up at the ceiling. Starting and then restarted fragments of sentences, it seemed as if I had forgotten how to connect words together. I got a few fragmented “Christian-y” sounded sentences out before I finally stopped and said, “Ok, God. I don’t really know how to pray the right way, so here’s what’s up. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be with this guy or not. Am I supposed to help him find you, or am I supposed to move on without him? I don’t really know what to do, but I feel like you’re kind of calling me back or something. So I think I’m finally at a point that, if you give me a VERY CLEAR sign, I’ll listen to your direction and won’t look back…Um, Amen.”

I obediently waited and listened in silence…Kidding, I totally fell asleep. But after about 30 min, I woke up to a loud *DING* of my iPhone. I opened my boyfriend’s text and read, “I’ve been cheating on you.”


Come on. No guy just decides to tell you that minutes after you ask God to show you if they’re the one or not. Say what you want, but I knew at that moment God had directed him to send that text as my sign to get the heck out of that relationship!

I dropped my phone like it was a snake, and felt an explosive surge of fear surge through my body. I suddenly realized – God was real, He’d been listening, and even worse…He’d been watching.

I imagine in the moments following, I reacted very much like Adam and Eve did when they disobeyed God. I immediately felt exposed and naked. I started trying to hide under pillows. I’m not kidding. I literally tried to pile pillows on top of myself to hide from the all knowing, all seeing God. But, just like Adam and Eve, I had to give up the hiding act and face my God who already knew where I was and what I’d been doing.

First things First, I immediately broke up with that boyfriend. As in made the call and ended it right then.

You know that feeling of regret when you break up with someone and you start questioning if you did the right thing? Didn’t get it. Not once, ever. Not because I’m so tough, but because if God showed me that obvious of a sign, I wasn’t gonna dare look back!

After breaking up with ole boy, I fell to the floor lying face down and cried. No words escaped my lips because they weren’t necessary. I felt my heart expressing everything on a much deeper level to my Heavenly Father. It was such a deep remorse for my actions over the years that I couldn’t begin to put it into words. For the first time, I could feel the Holy Spirit setting up shop within me to begin the process of making me whole.

It would be the start of a long journey.

Learning to Pray

Over time, God would change the condition of my heart and prove to me that I was a new creation in Him. It didn’t just happen on its own, it took time and the building of a relationship between us.

How do we build relationships here on earth?

Well, Communication Theories would affirm that we build relationships through self-disclosure…aka..talking to each other. Sharing stories, thoughts, and experiences preferably on a daily basis.

I knew I had to start communicating with God on a regular basis; but as I mentioned before, my confidence was pretty shot as to how to do that.

I’m a pretty ADD kid (I don’t say that lightly. I’ve truly struggled with it for years), and so I knew I needed some kind of format to follow in order to keep my attention. So I decided, while getting started, I’d journal my prayers. Having no idea this was a thing people do, I began sitting down each day writing out my prayers [sometimes for hours at a time].

(Quick Note: I do believe we should be continuously communicating with God via prayer throughout the day! Prayer Journaling is, on the other hand, more so a tool to help us pause and spend dedicated time building our relationship and listening to what God has to say.)

After 2 years of journaling, I finally created a system for myself and defined what I felt was important about prayer. I researched scholarly articles on prayer to make sure I was things on target with what the Bible said, but after that, I kept it authentic to God’s and my relationship.

Today’s Takeaway(s)

Prayer Journaling has made such an amazing impact on my walk with Christ. Not to mention, I love looking back and seeing how much I’ve grown and how much God has done.

If you’ve struggled with prayer, or feel like you’ve never really tried prayer journaling, then hopefully the two takeaways I’ve included below can help!

First, I’ve listed a few lessons God has taught me over the years concerning prayer. Second, you’ll find a “Prayer Journaling Guide” PDF I created to assist you with journaling your prayers! I’ve included my own examples and space for you to practice! I hope you’ll find both takeaways useful in helping you strengthen your relationship with the One who loves you the most.

Lessons on Prayer:

  1. Prayer requires a humble heart and a thankful spirit.
  2. Prayer should not be based solely on receiving.
  3. Like any good relationship, it requires more listening to speaking on my part.
  4. If I want to be close to God, I have to be willing to be completely open with Him.
  5. Prayer is a balance of praise, repentance, petition, stillness, and thankfulness.
  6. It doesn’t require beautiful wordage, it requires being genuine.
  7. Let go of perfect. There is a time and place for organized formal prayer.
  8. Talk to God like He’s your best friend.

Prayer Journaling Guide PDF

Helen Elizabeth Speaks – Prayer Journaling Guide

(**Be sure to download the free PDF! I hope helps you grow closer to God as it did for me! Love you, friend!)

Praying for you today and always.

Love in Christ,

Helen Elizabeth

Reframing Body Image: A Thoughtful Approach

I didn’t look up any stats before writing this post, but without searching the internet, I can almost guarantee that a MASSIVE number of women struggle with body image. And that doesn’t exclude the girls that the world defines as having “rockin’ bodies”. No, body image insecurity doesn’t discriminate. Whether you think you need to lose 20 pounds, or you’re in the best shape of your life, you’ve probably experienced the feeling of looking in the mirror and being discouraged by what you see.

Now to be clear, I don’t think it’s bad to strive to be the best version of yourself. I believe that we feel better when we eat healthy, work out and take care of our bodies. So it’s not bad to look in the mirror and say, “Ok, it’s probably about time that I take control of my eating habits, or try to be active in order to help my body feel better.” That’s not where the issue lies. No, struggling with body image, like many other problems, is an issue of the heart.

Flashback to the Past

One random school day back in 5th grade, a friend of mine decided that on this particular day and during this particular recess it would be the perfect time to tell my crush that I liked him. The moment those words left her lips, a multitude of things happened. My mouth dropped, my eyes bugged out of my head, my heart stopped and my brain exploded.

I waited for his response for what felt like years (it was hard to tell for sure with an imploded brain), until finally my guy friend (without so much as glancing my way) said, “I don’t like her, she’s ugly.”

I think the exact prayer I prayed after hearing his oh so gracious remark was, “God, please let me evaporate. Or at least shrink me down to the size of a grasshopper and let me hop safely away until I find a hole hide in for the rest of my life.”

But in all actuality, that’s when it started. The slow killing poison, known as insecurity, started making its way into my heart.

I went home that day and started noticing things about myself that I had never seen before. Up until then, I looked at myself in the mirror just like I would anyone else. Not looking for something to critique or fix. I started noticing that I didn’t look like everyone around me. The girl that was considered the most beautiful in the class was quite literally, the very opposite of me. Silky long blond hair, blue eyes, hardly any hair on her legs, and a beautiful smile with clear braces. I, on the other hand, didn’t mesh so well with puberty. My hair was a huge, frizzy mess because I got lice at my summer camp that year and my mom had to chop it all off. [Several times I had boys pretend to have lost their pen and then find it in my hair.] I was skinny and lanky with size 9 shoes (YES! SIZE 9!) with no understanding of style whatsoever. My face was round, my eyes were small, and my multi-colored braces just set everything off nicely.

For the first time in my life, I started comparing myself.

Fast forward to 8th grade, and my best friend and I decided to go to a Halloween party dressed as zombie brides. Complete with white nightgowns, white face paint and raccoon eyes. We walked in and saw a room full of 8th-grade playboy bunnies, and we promptly realized, “Ooohhh, so this is that year when everyone starts dressing like you-know-what’s.”

[I’d like to pause for a quick second and address a few things: (1.) Yes, I realize this sounds EXACTLY like the scene from Mean Girls. (2.) No, I am not making this up, lol. We actually had the exact same experience; and (3.) not wanting to offend anyone here…but seriously! Who decided that dressing like a playboy bunny at 13 was ok?!]

Back to the story.

Hoping no one would notice us, my friend and I tried to quietly dip out of the cool kid party (we were ok to just trick or treat anyway) when one of the guys in the group said, “Hey look! Helen’s trying to be white!” Now, many of the kids didn’t laugh at this statement because even at our age they knew he had taken it too far. But even so, his words still felt like a Major League baseball player had just whacked me in the stomach with a baseball bat. [To give you perspective, I went to a school where the majority of students were white, and I was the adopted ethnic kid with white parents. I always knew that about myself, but until that day, I had never really cared.]

After that, I stopped going out in the sun as much. If I went to the pool I’d sit under the umbrella while the other girls laid out. I’d wear light make up, and straighten the heck out of my hair. I didn’t want to look different than my friends and family.

Fast Forward again to college.

Like many girls, I gained some weight due to poor eating habits and drinking too many…apple juices (…yaaa, we’ll go with that). My freshman year I dated a not so good guy that really brought me down and destroyed my self-confidence. That’s another story for a different blog, but what I’ll say is that the lies he told me about myself stuck. When I looked in the mirror I no longer saw a confident young woman who had done her best to work through the silly things young immature boys had said. Instead, I saw a girl heavier than she’d ever been and so unconfident that she didn’t think she was worth anything.

Eventually, I’d dump that guy and never speak to him again. I’d reconcile with friends, and decide to start learning about health. I started doing pageants which gave me something to motivate me. I’d work at being the best version of myself until finally, I got to compete on the Miss USA stage and ultimately be voted “best body of the year”.

But I’d soon find out that insecurity and body image problems don’t stop when you get an award. Unless you have a strong sense of who you are, and know that your looks don’t define you, having a so-called “good body” can control you. I didn’t realize how much my fear of not looking my best was controlled me until after Craig passed away.

A Change in Perspective

After Craig passed, I didn’t want to work out. I wanted to eat the massive amount of BBQ we had, and not lift a finger. [Apparently, when you’ve experienced loss, you’re supposed to crave a TON of BBQ because our fridge was exploding with the never-ending supply people kept bring us.] Then one day I looked in the mirror and realized what I was doing wasn’t healthy. My body didn’t feel good and I didn’t like not being active.

I started taking Barre3 classes and I’ll never forget something my instructor said. It was different than anything I’d ever heard in a work out class. During the hardest part of the class, she said, “Stop competing. Don’t do this to have the best body. Do this for yourself. Not for anyone else. Not to be what the world says you should be, but to be strong and healthy for yourself and your family.” It was like God was speaking directly to me through this unknowing instructor.

It was then that I finally realized, I realized I’d only ever tried to be the person someone else would call beautiful. I realized that without ever intending to, I was comparing myself to the girl next to me…living in fear that I wouldn’t measure up. But here’s the truth: God doesn’t want us to live in a state of comparison. He doesn’t want us to look in the mirror and pick ourselves apart. He wants us to see ourselves as He sees us.

But how do we see ourselves the way He sees us? How do we overcome the critiquing voice in our head saying we’re not good enough?

Focus on the Input

When we hear the phrase “body image”, it suggests that we’re looking at a picture. Which then further suggests, if we’re wanting to change our body image perspective, then we have to change the lens through which we’re viewing the picture.

In my opinion, in order to do this, we must focus on the input, not the outcome. Meaning, instead of focusing so much on what we want to look like, or think others expect us to look like, we focus on what we’re putting into our bodies physically, mentally and spiritually.

For Example:

Are you reading magazine’s that make you feel less than? Are you staring at your IG explore page obsessing over girls you wished you looked like? Are you choosing to listen to that voice telling you that you’ll never be self-disciplined enough to live a healthy lifestyle?

– Or –

Are you searching God’s Word for His Truths about who you are and what you’re worth? Are you finding healthy habits that help you feel better? Are you looking for friends who will help you live out your new lifestyle, and who will remind you of the way God sees you?

I ask these questions because I had to ask myself the same things. I had to disengage from my old way of life and search God’s Word before I could ever become healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. The most important lesson I ever learned associated with body image is that until we’re at a good place spiritually, we’ll never have a healthy view of ourselves physically.

Don’t focus so much on the outcome (aka how you look). It will happen if we make positive changes (even if it’s just baby steps). Why? Because when we’re too focused on the outcome, we’ll start looking for shortcuts. We’ll look to people and things to define our worth and our body image. No…focus on the changes you feel God’s calling to make, and trust Him to do the rest.

Final Thoughts

The more we allow God’s truth to fill us up, the more positively we will view ourselves. We will stop coveting the way other women look and stop allowing ourselves to feel less than. Because the truth is, we’ll never be perfect by the world’s standards; and we will never love who we are if we’re always focused on how we measure up to everyone else. In order to stop struggling with body image, we have to view ourselves and others through God’s lens. His lens is focused on love. Love for others, and yes…love for yourself.


Praying for you today and always.

Love in Christ,

Helen Elizabeth