Welcome friend! Thank you for stopping by! Whether you came across my site coincidentally or purposefully, my prayer is that this blog might help you find abounding courage, strengthened faith, resounding hope, and the ability to see the love of Christ throughout life’s most difficult moments.

So be encouraged my friend. Know that He is a good Father, and you are so loved by Him – there is no greater truth.

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About Me


“No I never really chased my dream, never tried to catch a shooting star. Not really sure how my dream found me; I guess that’s the way You are. Now I’m left with the mystery, is it always gonna have to be so hard? If I only ever drag my feet, I guess I’ll never get too far…No I’m never going to lose my beat. I take it easy on the weak of heart. I hear You telling me not to speak, so here comes the quiet part. Maybe I’ll never solve the mystery – ‘is it always gonna have to be so hard?’ [But] If I only ever drag my feet, I guess I’ll never get too far. To hold on or let it go. I tell you it’s all I know. I will not let my heartache. I won’t be treading water waiting on a wave, no no. I will not let my heartache.” – Relient K, “Heartache”

To begin, I should first self-disclose that I love meaningful song lyrics. Therefore, moving forward, just know that much of my writing will be inspired by songs that helped me along my path with God. Therefore, I think it’s only right to start the “About Me” section with a quote from one of my favorite bands, Relient K [Side Note: I wouldn’t necessarily suggest doing a blanket search for them unless you share my love for pop/punk Christian bands with really fast guitar/drum solos. However, I do highly recommend listening to the songs “Heartache” and “God” on their recent album, Air for Free!]. The lyrics above played a major role in my life from December 27, 2015, to this very moment when it’s not so coincidentally playing as background music in my living room while I’m cuddled up in bed typing it’s lyrics.

On December 27, 2015 my husband, Craig Michael Strickland, went missing after going on a hunting trip with his friend, Chase Moreland. I’ll save most of the details (more…)

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My passion for encouraging others includes both speaking and writing – which I guess is a good thing since I’m a public speaking teacher! So if you’d like to discuss booking me for your next event, please fill out the information below to discuss possible dates and speaking topics! I look forward to hearing from you!